It will be crucial for the leaders in Japan's national commitment to culture and creativity to have the "skills to fundamentally understand creativity, engage in creative activities, manage creative design processes, strategically use the products of creative activities, understand the policy choices that influence the creative process, and understand and use the digital media technologies that support creative activities." Our curriculum at the School is structured to enable the leaders in culture and creativity (media innovators) to master the four creative skills of design, technology, management, and policy over a period of two years during the course term. We aim to give them broad perspectives and a model for harmonizing and integrating the skills.

Below are some highlights from the School's curriculum.

1. Consistent, coordinated, and comprehensive 2-year curriculum

2. Subjects that balance the four creative skills of design, technology, management, and policy

3. Works from a base of introductory subjects and intermediate subjects to instill and improve the intellectual abilities required by the media design field

4. Instills and improves professionalism and expertise with advanced subjects in the student's individual specialty

5. Uses state-of-the-art research projects on real-world topics (Real Projects) to experience the entire process of planning, prototyping, empirical testing and verification, and combines this with training in presentation, communication, leadership and other personal skills required of leaders.

6. Mastery of the language and communication skills required to be active on the international stage. For example, students present their theses in English.

7. Curriculum designed with internationalism in mind; it is possible to graduate studying only in English.

8. Educational and research system that is transparent and clearly visible from the outside and attempts to meet the requirements of industry and other members of global society.

Our goal is to train people in the practical skills of media design, so they are able to hit the ground running in companies and other organizations. To achieve the aim, the School recruits undergraduates, returning students with work experience, and exchange students from abroad, bringing them together in an educational environment that instills creativity and provides organic, integrated development and growth.